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Post  Admin on Sat Oct 06, 2007 9:06 am

Rules & Guidelines

You must read these rules before posting anything. These rules are torun the forum smoothly. Anybody breaking these rules will be immediately banned.So please do not complain.

Read These Rules Carefully & Breaking These Rules Will Ban You From Using This Forum:

-Be respectful to other members of staff such as Administrators,Moderators etc.
-You must scan your software or program before posting it in.
-You must make a clear description of the software beforeposting it in.
-All of the posts must be written in English otherwise itwill be deleted.
-Do not post in Viruses, Spyware And Any other Harmful Software Or Programs.
-We canít guarantee the safety of downloading Software,Programs etc. It is your responsibility of Download any software.
-You Must Write a Title when youíre posting.
-Do not post any Disturbing, Racist etc Images or you will BeBanned Straight Away.
-You must be respectful to everyone.
-If People are posting viruses, spyware, spam, hacking etc.Then, you must tell us and we will ban them immediately.
-Do not post any copyright Material.
-If you need help please ask.
-If canít find a specific post then please use the searchbar.
-You Must Be A Member To Post.
-You Must Not advertise any other website unless itís a linkto download.

Once Again Breaking These Rules Will Permanently ban you from Using Our site.

iPlayForum Team.


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