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Filing in at the top end of the company's Wakman range, the W910 is, yes, yet another music phone from Sony Ericsson as part of its Walkman range.

Available in either Hearty Red or Noble Black the W910 is an HSDPA-enabled slider phone that features all the usual stats like Stereo Bluetooth, a built-in digital camera and dedicated music buttons plus a couple of hidden tricks up its sleeve.

As with all sliders, the screen dominates proceedings on the front of the model alongside a series of shortcut and menu keys and following in the footsteps of digital camera makers the phone features an auto rotating screen so you can get the most of out the landscape view when watching video.

In practice and the auto rotate works, but the phone must be vertical and there is a slight delay before the switch.

Moving on to the key and having tried to educate Sony Ericsson users over the last couple of years to the benefits of a dedicated back button instead of following Nokia et al by doubling up the function on the "C" button, Sony Ericsson has made the bold omission that nobody gets the "back" button and so it has been ditched.

Not universal across its range of new handsets, the move will probably confuse previous Sony Ericsson users, but be a welcomed move by newcomers from Nokia, Samsung and other brands.
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